Asset Protection

assett-protectionOne of our primary goals at iHelp LLC is to protect the properties we maintain. Property security is the first line of defense and foundation for all of our asset protection services. Property security includes property monitoring, lock verifications, lock changes, and proper boarding of damaged windows and doors.

Protection from the Inside Out

Protection begins with the initial securing order. We make sure all locks are functioning and in good shape, according to insurer and investor guidelines.

From there, we’ll provide property monitoring services and inspections to make sure our clients’ properties remain in the condition that is expected.

If the property is a pre-sale property, the lock on a secondary door (when possible) will be changed so that future preservation work can be completed.
When the property is post-sale, all locks are changed and all broken windows and doors boarded.

During both pre-sale and post-sale securing, an inspection of the property will be completed checking for both damage and debris. All results are reported to the client, with photos provided for confirmation.